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Britzer Garten

Fanny Zschau Digital Diva Deluxe Britzer Garten
Photos: Fanny Zschau

Sunday we went to the site of the Federal Garden Show 1985, today one of the most attractive gardens and recreational areas of Berlin. At Britzer Garden, there are many ways to spend your leisure time in a relaxed manner. Ten hectares of lakes, theme gardens such as the rose garden, a geological garden and a witch garden invite you to stroll around and enjoy. The great outdoor laboratory hosts a permanent exhibition, we came here for the spectacular Dahlias Fire. Whoever has become exhausted from having walked through large garden can lay down with an icecream on the free sun loungers or pay a visit to one of the three restaurants – Café am See, Bistro am Kalenderplatz or Restaurant Britzer Mühle. At Kalenderplatz, the largest sundial in Europe is found. Children will especially enjoy the large playground with glaciers and deserts, rocks and a water landscape or take a ride with the little park train.

Britzer Garten, Sangerhauser Weg 1, D-12349 Berlin, Open daily 9 till dusk. Ticket office daily from 9 am to 4 pm (November to February), to 6 pm (March and October), to 8 pm (April to September)


Fanny Zschau Digital Diva Deluxe Wildeküche
Photos: Wildeküche

Right next to the relaxing Spreewaldbad, you will find this wonderful vegan and vegetarin venue: The Wildeküche reopened in April 2017 and has an even better and more consequent concept than before. Under the motto: Love, Light, Food you will find here everything your green heart is beating for: gluten free, nut free, soy free, sugar free and wheat free drinks and food. Next to the great Mix Veggie Bar, you will find an experimental and excellent selection of drinks and food in the Cookie Bar, Latte Bar, Grill Bar, Power Food Bar, Trink Bar and the Schnittchen Bar. In all bars the creative cooks and team members claim to be the first biophotonic and basic catering company from Berlin, who serve a 100 percent natural kitchen with a simple food design. Their vegetables and fruis are are preferred from regional gardens and processed fresh and untreated. They also just use precious ingredients such as thistle and coconut oil as wel as high-quality salts and spices. In addition, the team rediscovered native wild herbs and plants and use them with pleasure. The focus is to serve a balanced, undogmatic cuisine and to provide a new perspective on food. If you love pure, pure and substantial food, the Wildeküche is your place to be.

Wildeküche, Catering and Restaurant
Spreewaldplatz 5, D-10999 Berlin
Tue–Sun 11am to 11pm


Spiraldynamic At Aziza's

Fanny Zschau Digital Diva Deluxe Spiraldynamik
Photo: Aziza

Traute Schlabach founded her first studio under the artist name Aziza back in 1992 and is now regarded as one of the most renowned actresses and teachers of oriental dance – not only in Germany. Inspired by dances from different cultures like African Dance, Japanese Butoh or Bollywood Dance, Traute has developed lots of own interpretations and styles which she passionately teaches people of all ages. So no wonder, I met Aziza on a dancefloor and she saw immediately that I had problems moving my left foot due to a tore cruciate. Starting to talk to each other, she invited me over to check out if Spiraldynamik® – an evolutionary and anatomically based movement concept – would help me to find back into healthy moving patterns. The concept shows amazing results for more that 25 years at the Akademie für Spiraldynamik® in Zurich, which has trained more that 5.000 professional doctors, dancers or physios worldwide. But what is it all about? It basically teaches you the natural human movements from head to toe from a 3D perspective. So I was pretty excited, when I first came in Aziza's beautiful studio in Prenzlauer Berg yesterday. I just brought along a loose shirt and shorts, and first she made me stand, walk or sit down on a yoga mat, all barefoot. While I was carrying out these activities, she precisely analyzed and commented my movements and after 15 minutes she suggested a couple of things that were blocked and we could work on. And so we did. After one good hour I felt so much better and was totally amazed how much she made my body stretch and move while always explaining me everything via app and a lot of skeleton models or a towel. Hard to tell you how it all worked, but I will sure come back for more, even if I feel a lot more of my muscles and tendons today – thanks to Traute and her advanced level diploma in Spiraldynamik®.

Aziza Tanzt Studio, dates see website or call Traute for a personal apointment
Milastraße 4, D-10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, www.aziza-tanzt.de/spiraldynamik

Stadtbad Oderberger

Fanny Zschau, Digital Diva Deluxe, Wellness, The Berlin Guidebook
Photo: Hotel Oderberger

The Stadtbad Oderberger was designed from 1899 bis 1902 by architect Ludwig Hoffmann to supply the then rapidly growing district of Prenzlauer Berg with hygienic institutions. Most people came here to enjoy one of the 200 public bathtubs and many, many kids learned in the small pool under the huge columnar hall how to swim. The Neo Renaissance building survived both wars without greater damages and stayed a very popular place during GDR times – in 1977 a sauna was installed. In 1986 it was forced to close due to cracks in the ground of the swimming pool and was used as spectacular event location until 2012 when extensive renovations began. In January 2016, the new owners Barbara Jeschke from next door GLS Language School Berlin and her husband Hans-Dieter Jaeschke opened the Hotel Oderberger Berlin with 70 individual rooms, two apartments and ten seminar rooms. The nice thing about their concept is the conservation of the building as an attraction for the neighbourhood and the possibility to still have it as an event location and a pool. How the spectacular construction of a stage sitting on water works, could be admired at the opening last Thursday set in scene by artist Johanna Keimeyer, who also shows her pool pictures from all over the world in the hotel. On October 17th the swimming pool will finally be opened for the first time in 30 years for the public. Every Tuesday at 5pm the Jeschkes offer a free guided tour of the restored public bath: Meeting point is the reception of Hotel Oderberger; registration is not required.

Hotel Stadtbad Oderberger, Oderberger Strasse 57, D-10435 Berlin


Bleiche Resort and Spa

Fanny Zschau, Digital Diva Deluxe, Wellness, The Berlin Guidebook
Photos: Bleiche Resort and Spa

Looking for the perfect start of you summer holiday? At Bleiche can be wonderfully lazy, sit outside at the thermal water fountain in the garden, listening to its stories from the Spreewald, paddle in a boat or simply watch the butterflies reflecting in the water. Bleiche in Spreewald is about one hour drive from Berlin, connected by river Spree, crossing the Federal States of Brandenburg and Saxony to its inland delta. Here the river branches out into hundreds of kilometres. The Sorbs and Wends settled on the fertile land in the 6th century, in the 20tiest Century UNESCO made the Spreewald a particularly protected natural area. The foundation for Bleiche was laid in 1755 when Old Fritz, King of Prussia, specified that this was where his army's uniform shirts were to be bleached. From this time on rooms were rented out to travellers. Christine and Heinrich Michael Clausing bought the hotel in 1992 to develop it into today's resort and spa. The connection to the region is decisive: many natural materials such as clay, straw or wood were used.

The local linen used for the towels and bedcloth is also typical for the combination of modern and international elements: If you want a weekend off, you should sure stay over night. There are 90 rooms including 21 luxury suites plus nine hotel restaurants and the gourmet place 17fuffzig, managed by the chef of cuisine Oliver Heilmeyer. His menues are fresh and mostly from the region, which is one of the traditional vegetable growing areas of Germany. Herbs play a special role for Heilmeyer, who cuts them in the hotel's 1,000 sqm large kitchen garden that you can also visit with him. The wine menu with about 500 items is also very well equipped and draws attention among connoisseurs. Bleiche is also a paradise for bookworms like me: Comfortable corners invite you to read over a cup of icecoffee, while librarian Birgit Holler offers personal service and recommendations for the more than 15,000 books in the hotel. And last not least: Children are welcome in the Storchenburg, during the day and in the evening  – from Monday through Fridays free of charge from 8am–5pm, against a fee and registration beyond this. During the holidays, als Bleiche offers many programs for kids in a healthy mix of wellness, play and sport. Meet you there for a chill out summer holiday.

Bleiche Resort and Spa, open 24 hours all year long
Bleichestraße 16, D-03096 Burg im Spreewald