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Every Splash is a Death

 Jan Scheirs Fanny Zschau Digital Diva Deluxe Urban Apartments
The Artist Jan Scheirs with the Editor in Chief Fanny Zschau (c) Bernd Althans

During a long gone afternoon, the Belgian artist Jan Scheirs watches another series of the famous nature-documentaries by Sir David Attenborough. Subject is observing the mini cosmos around an ordinary pond somewhere in the beautiful landscapes of England. It is a hot summer day; nothing seems to happen. Just a few dragonflies circle gracefully above the silent surface of the water. Suddenly a splash – a fish jumped out of the water and caught the insect. Attenborough comments with his typical voice: Every splash is a death. Every innocent sound within this calmness could be a deadly end for some living being. Jan Scheirs was deeply inspired by the power of this phrase. Now, many years later, his cabinet exhibition in the gallery Garten 114  – run by our friends Florian Filtzinger and Mayk Blattgerste –– is based on this quote. Jan invites his viewers to join him and his invetigations – his critical, sometimes fatalistic view – upon the evolution of global society. Does anyone still see the Big Fish underneath the surface – watching and observing us – ready to attack when time is right? For the artist it is a very personal exhibition – he started the shown works after a Thailand trip where he could not dive without seeing plastic backs and waste in the water – destroying our beautiful nature and killing not only the big fish. With these works Jan Scheirs wants to awaken our modern societey and will be glad to discuss his works with you during the artist Matinee Sunday from 12–2pm or on Monday night for the finissage. Enjoy your Gallery Weekend and just drop by for a drink to meet us at this small but great exhibition.

Every Splash is a Death, Garten 114, exhibition 19–29th of April 2019 
Meet us at the finissage 29th of April 7–10pm, Gartenstr. 114, D-10115 Berlin-Mitte
Or contact the curator Bernd Althans for a personal appointment


Gallery Weekend Berlin 2019

Digital Diva Deluxe Urban Apartments Fanny Zschau Gallery Weekend 2019
Flyer: Gallery Weekend Berlin

The Gallery Weekend Berlin is one of the leading events for contemporary art in Germany and attracts art fans and collectors from all over the world. For three days and nights more than 50 galleries throughout Berlin open their doors. Here you can discover art in gallery spaces, explore a diversity of archirectures and gain insight into the contexts of art production––while talking to the artistst, their gallerstst, friends and collectorsAside well known galleries many new and experimental working galleries participate on the event. The presented artists are well selected, all focusing on contemporary art. On the Gallery Weekend regularly about 25.000 visitors from all over the world come to Berlin to expierence the capital's creative scene. Started in 2004 as a private initative of Berlin galleries, the event has established as an event of international relevance 15 years after. If you are in town, you better make sure not to miss this.

Gallery Weekend Berlin, 26–28 of April 2019. Various locations throughout Berlin

Tierpark Berlin

Fanny Zschau Digital Diva Deluxe Tierpark Berlin Schloss Friedrichsfelde
Photo: Tierpark Berlin

Monday we went to Tierpark Berlin, Europe’s biggest animal park. Set in 160 hectares of extensive and varied parkland, it is home to over 9,000 exotic and native animals. The Tierpark is renowned for its Camel Pasture and Flamingo Lagoon, its listed tropical and predator house in the Alfred Brehm building, and its majestic herds of giraffes and elephants. With its historic mansion Schloss Friedrichsfelde, free electric train rides, and nice playgrounds, the Tierpark is a day-trip destination for the whole family. Leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind and embark on a zoological journey around the world. The expansive Tierpark is aso a wonderful place to take a stroll and discover the diversity of the animal kingdom. Don’t forget to check out the Lemur Woods, the free-flight show on the Kiekemal Waldbühne arena, and our beloved petting zoo. The Tierpark hosts a range of events from after-hours tours to children’s birthday parties. Tierpark Berlin also participates in various European and international endangered species programmes.

Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde
Am Tierpark 125, 10319 Berlin-Friedrichsfelde
Open Daily 9am–18:30pm summer, 9am–15:30pm winter

Deko Behrendt

Photo: Fanny Zschau

Looking for costumes or decoration for the perfect summer party? Deko Behrendt is a true treasure trove for all your needs. Founded in Berlin in 1914 this shop is no longer run by the old owner family, but the professional assortment is still the same: carnival and costume items in every conceivable color and equipment can be admired there, and also unusual costume ideas can be combined with the support of the always helpful and very knowledgable staff. No matter if you search for decoration, heart glasses, fake beards, glitter make-up, hawai shirts, pink flamingos or rainbow wigs – you'll find everything here. You can not only have a lot of fun inside but also will be completely overwhelmed by thousands of articles. At every angle of the hose-like shop lurk new surprises and most of them at amazingly low prices. As you may have already noticed, the Berliners love motto parties not only at CSD. And if you ever wondered, where they all get these crazy outfits from – welcome to their paradise.

Deko Behrendt, Mon to Fri 10am–7pm, Sat until 4pm
Hauptstraße 18, D-10827 Berlin-Schöneberg

Rosengarten at Weinbergsweg

Fanny Zschau Digital Diva Deluxe Rosengarten
Photo: Rosengarten, Abel Ari, Hoopla Berlin

Saturday we spent the first summer night 2017 at Rosengarten with our beloved neighbors and friends from Denmark. Being way too late for Torstraßenfestival we were strolling around seeking for a quiet place with cool drinks and just should have went here earlier: Right on top of the historical Weinbergspark sits the the cultural pavilion, built of natural stones in the 1950s and renovated in 2003 by the architects Anja Berg and Horst Ploss. They and a team of cultural interested neighbors further developed the idea to create a place for various art, community and neighborhood projects. Now the Rosengarten has as a multifunctional area – folding wooden terraces serve as a stage for all kind of artists and as a seating area for guests. In addition to the geometrically arranged beautifully smelling rose beds and a shady pergola, the porphyry wall with the relief images by Waldemar Grzimek is also worth a visit. You can always come here, buy a cold drink at the bar or bring along your own stuff – check out the cultural program from open-air cinema, run by Cinema for Peace and Amnesty International to Hoola Hoop courses on Wednesdays or Swing dance Sundays. Most events are free, but the team of Rosengarten e.V. and their guests always appreciate your donations.

Rosengarten e. V., Weinbergsweg across house no 13, D-10119 Berlin-Mitte
Mon–Fri 6pm–midnight, Sat, Sun 1pm–open end

Cindy Sherman at Sprüth Magers

Fanny Digital Diva Deluxe Sprüth Magers Berlin Art Cindy Sherman
Photos: Cindy Sherman and Timo Ohler

A thirty-five year career in photography has established Cindy Sherman as one of the most influential figures in contemporary art. Since the 1970s, she has created photographic portraits that are predicated on themes of identity, gender and role-play. Parodying the representation of women in film and television, fashion magazines, advertising, and online, she adopts limitless guises that illuminate the performative nature of subjectivity and sexuality. Sherman’s exhibition at Sprüth Magers in Berlin marks over three decades and sixteen exhibitions with the gallery. On view is her most recent body of work, created in 2016, and presented here as a complete series for the very first time in Europe. In the large-scale colour portraits, the artist imagines herself as a cast of Divas from the Golden Age of 1920s Hollywood cinema. Who wants to join in to see Cindy Shermans solo show, coming along with A Selection of Works from the Betty and Monte Factor Family Collection by Edward and Nancy Kienholz the coming weeks? The opening was yesterday – thanks for the reminder, Jochen!

Cindy Sherman at Sprüth Magers Berlin
Oranienburger Straße 18, 10178 Berlin-Mitte
Opening hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 11am–6pm

Clärchens Ballhaus

Fanny Zschau Digital Diva Deluxe Clärchens Ballhaus
Photos: Clärchens Ballhaus

Seven years after our first Swing dance course, we started again this January at Clärchens Ballhaus. About time to recommend this great venue in our neighbourhood to you: The formerly ballroom was opened by Clara and Fritz Bühler as Bühler's Ballhaus on September the 13th 1913 in the rear building of Auguststraße 24-25. After Fritz Buehler's death 1929, Clara – who was called Clärchen by everybody and lived until 1971– led the dance hall on her own and since the mid-1930's her name was hanging above the old Bühlers Ballhaus sign outside. After a long and constantly changing history Christian Schulz and David Regehr took on the management in 2005, restoring it to its current popularity. The duo turned it back into a lively location for celebrating, dancing, eating, drinking, and falling in love – all of the things in life, that really matter. Today, the ballroom offers every day different dancing lessons – Swing is every Wednesday – but also hosts concerts and events and serves delicious German and Italian food. In summertimes they have a great beergarden in tje back- and frontyard. Especially on Friday and Saturday nights, the dance floor is packed with a sweaty cross-generation crowd: Old and young, east and west, pair and club dancers of all ages and nations are partying and singing along to Live and and DJs gigs until dawn. And everybody enters the dancefloor with a big smile – no matter what weather outside.

Clärchens Ballhaus, daily from 11 until the last guests leave.
Auguststraße 24, D-10117 Berlin-Mitte,