Stadtbad Oderberger


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Photo: Hotel Oderberger

The Stadtbad Oderberger was designed from 1899 bis 1902 by architect Ludwig Hoffmann to supply the then rapidly growing district of Prenzlauer Berg with hygienic institutions. Most people came here to enjoy one of the 200 public bathtubs and many, many kids learned in the small pool under the huge columnar hall how to swim. The Neo Renaissance building survived both wars without greater damages and stayed a very popular place during GDR times – in 1977 a sauna was installed. In 1986 it was forced to close due to cracks in the ground of the swimming pool and was used as spectacular event location until 2012 when extensive renovations began. In January 2016, the new owners Barbara Jeschke from next door GLS Language School Berlin and her husband Hans-Dieter Jaeschke opened the Hotel Oderberger Berlin with 70 individual rooms, two apartments and ten seminar rooms. The nice thing about their concept is the conservation of the building as an attraction for the neighbourhood and the possibility to still have it as an event location and a pool. How the spectacular construction of a stage sitting on water works, could be admired at the opening last Thursday set in scene by artist Johanna Keimeyer, who also shows her pool pictures from all over the world in the hotel. On October 17th the swimming pool will finally be opened for the first time in 30 years for the public. Every Tuesday at 5pm the Jeschkes offer a free guided tour of the restored public bath: Meeting point is the reception of Hotel Oderberger; registration is not required.

Hotel Stadtbad Oderberger, Oderberger Strasse 57, D-10435 Berlin