Neu West Berlin


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Photos: Neu West Berlin

Neu West Berlin – short NWB – is a creative collective, which gives working insights into international art, experiments, film, food, history, music, technology, theatre, science and hosts events, exhibitions and workshops on a non-profit basis. Founded in 1989, right after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the name refers to the then finished era of West Berlin as a socio-political and cultural experimental ground during the Cold War. Until today NBW is holding the biggest collection of artifacts of the former Cold War sectors border: The T- and L-shaped Berlin Wall pieces are symbols of a sustainable peaceful transformation process and confront spectators worldwide with historical reality and encourage cultural exchange. So far the NWB collective replaced original Berlin Wall artifacts in over 40 countries, including Iceland, Jamaica, South Africa, Singapore, USA and the Vatican.

This physical network of historical Berlin Wall pieces spreading from the german capital into the world, instigates a global and constantly growing cultural exchange. Ever since the NWB collective is working in a procedural dialogue with international partners to commemorate, mediate and alter the unique political and socio-cultural layout of Berlin. They also offer working spaces and promote community participation all over the world. After Köpeniker and Yorkstraße the creative collective now found a new space right next to the station Kurfürstenstraße in the middle of Berlins red light district. The opening party not only showed two works of our favourite artist and programmer of the upcoming Digital Diva Deluxe website Malte Kebbel right in the glass window front but also made us dance to our old friend Helmut aka DJ Hell. Thanks for inviting us over NWB and have a great start at the new location!

Neu West Berlin, Kurfürstenstraße 145, D-10785 Berlin