It’s a chair. It’s a mat. It’s a hanger. And EVENaBAG


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Are you looking for a Berlin bag that not only looks good but is also full of surprises? Then EVENaBAG –– created by our outdoor fan and friend Rocco Kruse –– is definitely the right choice for you. Rocco who works as an architect, artist and designer in Berlin, has not only to travel a lot for his job, but also loves to sit down at the river Spree or in a parc after work. He came to the idea when he was preparing himself for a week long tour through from New York to Los Angeles and started watching people and studyig the market for multifunctional bags. What he found was not satisfying and also he saw that he was not alone with his problem: So many people take a break in a parc or at a riverside – not only in Berlin but also in LA or NYC – the can't sit on their bags because of the the laptops inside, cant't relax their backs and get dirty or wet, if they sit down in their suits or skirts. So Rocco identyfied not only a market gap but started closing it right after his US trip. He brought home first drawings, prototyped samples with his collegues and tested plus perfetioned his multi talent in the following summer. Finally he started a small production with durable materials in a fair family production he met travelling two years later to Vietnam. We were able to test EVENaBAG the last Weeked ourselfes and were as excited as surprised by his clever design which is truly a chameleon, available in four colours. We fell for the blue brown one, which we used as bicycle bag, a padded camping seat with backrest, a fishing chair and a decent picnic mat – it is also designed as a hanging toileretry bag and serves very well as a cool diaper bag too, says Roccos sister. If you want to become part of the cool urban Berlin crowd or a looking for a cool prent to bring to your loved ones, get yourself EVENaBAG. We are convinced it is not only a great Berlin product for any mobile lifestyle but also an extremely useful surprise for trendsetters all over the world. 


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