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Foto: FriendlyFur
The Berlin brand FriendlyFur was founded by Nikolas Gleber — himself the son of a forester — in 2007 and the company processes only furs that occur in the annual controlled hunt and were a waste product so far. There are accessories, materials and perfumes as well as brand new interior design products in the latest colors: Besides fox now you can also find rabbit, nutria or raccoon. The result are modern and high quality designs as bags, blankets, capes or even the world's first perfume flacon sheath. The scents À Rebours and The Green Carnation have been developed in collaboration with the famous perfumer Mark Buxton. For FriendlyFur no animals are killed or grown - all skins are taken directly from the wild. Nature conservation organizations like NABU praise the concept, because "the meaningful use of fur belongs to an ecologically sustainable hunting". FriendlyFur has built up a network that gathers the naturalfskins and processes these to exclusive objects. Production takes place in careful handcraft, saving resources because all skins are available only in limited number. Currently, there are not only a lot of new varieties, but also ecological colors and skins for premium-conscious fashion designers: Among other FriendlyFur is processed by brands like Aigner and Baldessarini for the winter season 2016/17. FriendlyFur supports the restoration and preservation of nature. A certificate gives you the full information about the origin of the fur. Single piece numbers can be tracked at any time for the whole process. FriendlyFur offers an alternative to traditional fur and you can recognize their products by the neon green label FriendlyFur Happy Nature.