Every Splash is a Death


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 Jan Scheirs Fanny Zschau Digital Diva Deluxe Urban Apartments
The Artist Jan Scheirs with the Editor in Chief Fanny Zschau (c) Bernd Althans

During a long gone afternoon, the Belgian artist Jan Scheirs watches another series of the famous nature-documentaries by Sir David Attenborough. Subject is observing the mini cosmos around an ordinary pond somewhere in the beautiful landscapes of England. It is a hot summer day; nothing seems to happen. Just a few dragonflies circle gracefully above the silent surface of the water. Suddenly a splash – a fish jumped out of the water and caught the insect. Attenborough comments with his typical voice: Every splash is a death. Every innocent sound within this calmness could be a deadly end for some living being. Jan Scheirs was deeply inspired by the power of this phrase. Now, many years later, his cabinet exhibition in the gallery Garten 114  – run by our friends Florian Filtzinger and Mayk Blattgerste –– is based on this quote. Jan invites his viewers to join him and his invetigations – his critical, sometimes fatalistic view – upon the evolution of global society. Does anyone still see the Big Fish underneath the surface – watching and observing us – ready to attack when time is right? For the artist it is a very personal exhibition – he started the shown works after a Thailand trip where he could not dive without seeing plastic backs and waste in the water – destroying our beautiful nature and killing not only the big fish. With these works Jan Scheirs wants to awaken our modern societey and will be glad to discuss his works with you during the artist Matinee Sunday from 12–2pm or on Monday night for the finissage. Enjoy your Gallery Weekend and just drop by for a drink to meet us at this small but great exhibition.

Every Splash is a Death, Garten 114, exhibition 19–29th of April 2019 
Meet us at the finissage 29th of April 7–10pm, Gartenstr. 114, D-10115 Berlin-Mitte
Or contact the curator Bernd Althans for a personal appointment althans@servicewerk.com