Deutsches Pressemuseum im Ullsteinhaus


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Flyer: Deutsches Pressemuseum im Ullsteinhaus

After being a 15 years old soldier in World War II, the Berliner Robert Lebeck became one of the worlds most famous photo reporters, working for magazines like Kristall, Revue and Stern. From 1978–1979 he was also editor in chief of GEO Magazin. His famous KIOSK collection includes 30,000 exhibits on the history of photoreporting from 1839 to 1973 – from the first daguerreotype to the last edition of the legendary Life magazine. In May 2011, a sponsor and supporters club was constituted to implement the idea of ​​a Deutsches Pressemuseum. The initiator of the museum project is the journalist and cultural manager Holger Wettingfeld.

The founding members include, among others, Robert Lebeck himself, who died in 2014, the writer Sten Nadolny, the managing director of Willy Brandt-Haus Gisela Kayser as well as the theater director and Ullstein grandson Geoffrey Layton. The museum wants to digitize the collection, open up to scientific research and show it in exhibitions. Until the end of the year it can be seen in the former restaurant of Ullsteinhaus, which was sold to the Samwer brothers in 2015. We spent hours there – enjoying the great room, exploring the exponents and watch one of Lebecks dreams come true. The exhibition was curated by Gisela Kayser and Katharina Mouratidi, Gesellschaft für Humanistische Fotografie. Congratulations to the whole team and their amazing project, which is very worth a visit and can still need your support.

Deutsches Pressemuseum im Ullsteinhaus e. V.
KIOSK Sammlung Robert Lebeck, Ullsteinhaus in Berlin
Mariendorfer Damm 1, D-12099 Berlin-Tempelhof
Opening hours: Tue–Sun 12–6pm, Wednesday until 9pm