Claudia Skoda


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Photo: Claudia Skoda Store, Mulackstrasse

Claudia Skoda came to fashion in the mid 70ties when she began knitting avant-garde pieces for friends. Together they rented and renovated a factory floor in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Fabrikneu, as the 650m² loft was called, was an open house, where all kind of artist, filmmakers and musicians lived and worked together. One of them was the celebrated artist Martin Kippenberger, who came to Berlin in 1976. He installed the floor of the catwalk, made of about 1,000 photos taken in the commune, on which the Skoda fashion show was held in 1977. This was the start of the legendary Skoda shows, she sets in scene with friends. Among them were David Bowie and Iggy Pop, who were often visiting Fabrikneu as well. In 1981, she opened her first store in New York until she returned to her hometown in 1987. The distinctive style of her body-hugging, chic knitted dresses made of fine, gauzy yarn made her one of the most influential and best known knitting designers the world. And everything is still handmade and modern, this is why we and Hollywood stars like Cate Blanchett, Milla Jovovich and Ridley Scott shop at Skoda’s.

Claudia Skoda, Mulackstr. 8, D-10119 Berlin-Mitte, Mon-Sat 12 pm-7 pm