Fanny Zschau Digital Diva Deluxe Wildeküche
Photos: Wildeküche

Right next to the relaxing Spreewaldbad, you will find this wonderful vegan and vegetarin venue: The Wildeküche reopened in April 2017 and has an even better and more consequent concept than before. Under the motto: Love, Light, Food you will find here everything your green heart is beating for: gluten free, nut free, soy free, sugar free and wheat free drinks and food. Next to the great Mix Veggie Bar, you will find an experimental and excellent selection of drinks and food in the Cookie Bar, Latte Bar, Grill Bar, Power Food Bar, Trink Bar and the Schnittchen Bar. In all bars the creative cooks and team members claim to be the first biophotonic and basic catering company from Berlin, who serve a 100 percent natural kitchen with a simple food design. Their vegetables and fruis are are preferred from regional gardens and processed fresh and untreated. They also just use precious ingredients such as thistle and coconut oil as wel as high-quality salts and spices. In addition, the team rediscovered native wild herbs and plants and use them with pleasure. The focus is to serve a balanced, undogmatic cuisine and to provide a new perspective on food. If you love pure, pure and substantial food, the Wildeküche is your place to be.

Wildeküche, Catering and Restaurant
Spreewaldplatz 5, D-10999 Berlin
Tue–Sun 11am to 11pm


Spiraldynamic At Aziza's

Fanny Zschau Digital Diva Deluxe Spiraldynamik
Photo: Aziza

Traute Schlabach founded her first studio under the artist name Aziza back in 1992 and is now regarded as one of the most renowned actresses and teachers of oriental dance – not only in Germany. Inspired by dances from different cultures like African Dance, Japanese Butoh or Bollywood Dance, Traute has developed lots of own interpretations and styles which she passionately teaches people of all ages. So no wonder, I met Aziza on a dancefloor and she saw immediately that I had problems moving my left foot due to a tore cruciate. Starting to talk to each other, she invited me over to check out if Spiraldynamik® – an evolutionary and anatomically based movement concept – would help me to find back into healthy moving patterns. The concept shows amazing results for more that 25 years at the Akademie für Spiraldynamik® in Zurich, which has trained more that 5.000 professional doctors, dancers or physios worldwide. But what is it all about? It basically teaches you the natural human movements from head to toe from a 3D perspective. So I was pretty excited, when I first came in Aziza's beautiful studio in Prenzlauer Berg yesterday. I just brought along a loose shirt and shorts, and first she made me stand, walk or sit down on a yoga mat, all barefoot. While I was carrying out these activities, she precisely analyzed and commented my movements and after 15 minutes she suggested a couple of things that were blocked and we could work on. And so we did. After one good hour I felt so much better and was totally amazed how much she made my body stretch and move while always explaining me everything via app and a lot of skeleton models or a towel. Hard to tell you how it all worked, but I will sure come back for more, even if I feel a lot more of my muscles and tendons today – thanks to Traute and her advanced level diploma in Spiraldynamik®.

Aziza Tanzt Studio, dates see website or call Traute for a personal apointment
Milastraße 4, D-10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, www.aziza-tanzt.de/spiraldynamik

Rosengarten at Weinbergsweg

Fanny Zschau Digital Diva Deluxe Rosengarten
Photo: Rosengarten, Abel Ari, Hoopla Berlin

Saturday we spent the first summer night 2017 at Rosengarten with our beloved neighbors and friends from Denmark. Being way too late for Torstraßenfestival we were strolling around seeking for a quiet place with cool drinks and just should have went here earlier: Right on top of the historical Weinbergspark sits the the cultural pavilion, built of natural stones in the 1950s and renovated in 2003 by the architects Anja Berg and Horst Ploss. They and a team of cultural interested neighbors further developed the idea to create a place for various art, community and neighborhood projects. Now the Rosengarten has as a multifunctional area – folding wooden terraces serve as a stage for all kind of artists and as a seating area for guests. In addition to the geometrically arranged beautifully smelling rose beds and a shady pergola, the porphyry wall with the relief images by Waldemar Grzimek is also worth a visit. You can always come here, buy a cold drink at the bar or bring along your own stuff – check out the cultural program from open-air cinema, run by Cinema for Peace and Amnesty International to Hoola Hoop courses on Wednesdays or Swing dance Sundays. Most events are free, but the team of Rosengarten e.V. and their guests always appreciate your donations.

Rosengarten e. V., Weinbergsweg across house no 13, D-10119 Berlin-Mitte
Mon–Fri 6pm–midnight, Sat, Sun 1pm–open end

Café am Neuen See

Fanny Zschau Digital Diva Deluxe Cafe am Neuen See
Photo: Café am Neuen See

With the beginning of the summer season after a way too long Berlin winter, we want to introduce you to one of our classic beergardens – the famous Café an Neuen See. Owned by Roland Mary, one of the most famous restaurateurs in Berlin, who also runs the Borchardts at Gendarmenmarkt and the Grosz at Ku'Damm, the place is beautifully located right next to an idyllic lake in Tiergarten. There is also a nice playground for kids and couples in love can take a romantic boat drive from here. The food is nice comfort food and the portions are generous – next to homemade Brezeln and Beer from the draft, you can have Italian specialities, pulled pork, grilled fish, nice salads – all good traditional food with a twist. Everything is a litte bit more expensive than in town beergardens, but really cheap compared to the Müncher Oktoberfest. The place was just renovated and has some kind of a modern chalet atmosphere with wooden walls and tables – with it's ambiance decoration and hidden lights everything is nicely balanced between hip, modern and traditional. Better miss it out on Friday nights and weekends, but during the week or on sunny afternoons it is one of the loveliest places to spend some time in the sun and have a cool beer or Radler along. We almost forgot, but when we first came here yesterday, the gentle murmur of international conversations around us whilst sitting next to the boating lake was close to perfection. Enjoy your summer in Berlin.

Café am Neuen See, Lichtensteinallee 2, 10787 Berlin-Tiergarten
Opening hours Mon–Fri from 11:00am, Sat and Sun from 10:00am

Between Bridges

Fanny Zschau Digital Diva Deluxe Between Bridges Helga Paris
Photo: Helga Paris

Between Bridges opens up Berlin, an exhibition of Helga Paris photographs taken between 1969 and 1982. Since the late 1950s, Helga Paris has lived in Berlin, residing in Prenzlauer Berg in the 1960s, where she lives until today. Committing to photography in 1967, the self-taught Paris devoted a major part of her attention to her immediate surroundings: East Berlin. On display at Between Bridges is Berlin, 1972–1982 / Mappe 3, one of seven portfolios collectively entitled Das Mappenwerk, which Paris compiled from her own photographs in 2010. The 17 silver gelatin prints of Mappe 3 are accompanied by one further, additional work, Mädchen mit Kohl, 1969. Assembled by the artist into standardised frames, the prints themselves, sometimes paired, are held in place with simple, transparent photo corners.

Central to Paris' oeuvre is the portrayal of people. For 'Berlin', Paris brings together images of her friends, family and neighbours, pictured within their shared environment: at work, at home, during social events. We see familiar scenes including group family shots, young boys and girls, adults drinking as well as innocuous Berlin street views, and a dog in the snow. With an acutely personal and often intimate sensibility, Helga Paris chronicles the quotidian activity of a now bygone Germany. Paris has exhibited widely at venues including Akademie der Künste and Berlinische Galerie, Berlin; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Kunsthalle Malmö, among many others. In 2004 she was awarded the Hannah-Höch-Preis. We sure will be there.

Between Bridges, Keithstr. 15, 10787 Berlin 27. April–17. June
Opening Wednesday, April 26th, 7–9pm
Wed–Sat 12–6pm, Opening hours during Berlin Gallery Weekend,
April 28, 12–7pm, April 29 / 30, 11am–7pm

Galerie MAMOO

Fanny Zschau Digital Diva Deluxe Galerie Mamoo
Foto: Galerie MAMOO

My friend Stefan took me here and I spent a whole afternoon in the Galerie MAMOO with two cosmopolitan power women – Ute Gumz, a former filmmaker and her daughter MOMO, who both traveled in between Berlin and La Paz before they opened up their multilingual mother-daughter project in Graefekiez. While Ute is selling out her immense Alpaca collection, MOMO has set up her Fine Art Gallery and Photo Studio here. Her current exhibition FILAMENTOS shows a fiber, an annealing or dusting thread. MOMO is not only a filmmaker and photographer but is currently undergoing training as a female shaman. With her knowledge of ancient Indians, she is curious, how our cosmos and life is connected through a radiant band of energy and light that forces us to act or interact with one another. This luminous vision is the guiding principle for the design of her lighting figures.

Next to MOMOS radiant art, this place is certainly the greatest Alpaca paradise in Europe: Alpacas live in the Andes at an altitude of 4000–5000 meters, where they are only protected by their natural fibers – they are able to exist in a climate which changes up to 60 degrees Celsius within 24 hours of one day. There is more limited Alpaca than Cashmere available in the world; the animals are carefully shorn every one or two years. The luxury fleece woven from one animal is just enough for one pullover. The fine light Alpaca hair is hollow inside, their air chambers, which react immediately to temperature changes, form a highly effective thermal insulation. Designers from all over the world make their finest clothing from Alpaca and you can find a tremendous collection of their works at Gallery MAMOO. I couldn’t resist and bought myself a scarf and cape yesterday – and since Ute was involved in the Alpaca wholesale, you won't find prices like here anywhere. Be sure not to miss the SALE, going on until mid-March and have the chance for a monthly drawing of an Alpaca model worth up to 150 Euros.

Graefestraße 8, D-10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg
Opening hours Tue–Sat 1–6 pm

San Rocco

Fanny Zschau Digital Diva Deluxe San Rocco
Photos: Jarek Raczek

San Rocco Restaurant and Cocktailbar on Prenzlauer Berg is the latest kid in the Italian family restaurants of its creator and founder, Rocco Arena. He started his venture with his renowned restaurant in Manhattan NY, then turned to Alicante and Valencia, as well as back to his hometown Milano and the italian capital Roma, before opening up last November in Berlin. When we entered the place last Friday with my friends Anne and Claudi, we first sat at the bar, watching Fabio Brusco, – 2016 Worldwide Bartender Champion – mixing like a magician on his epic cocktails. We let him decide what to create and I get a delicious Blood e Tonic, consisting of Gin Mare, fresh lemon juice, black salt and pepper mix, white tomato foam, and 1724 Tonic Water, while the ladies enjoy a Water Lilly Cocktail and a Negroni – also very nice.

Then we were lead to our table right next to the impressing pizza oven, waiting for some bruscetta, a small salad and some chickpea soup to snack along with our drinks. We snack from each other and all antipasti are very tasty and special. As restaurant chef Masimo Mata comes to our table, we ask what is the special thing about San Rocco and he explains, that chef de la cuisine Lorenzo Vignati gives Italian classics a very individual taste and always works with the best ingediences. So I choose the Spaghetti Carbonara and get them fresh mixed and spiced right at the table – impressing and just perfect. Anne goes for fresh fish from the daily menue and Claudi gets a special plate for vegetarians. And when we finally sat down for Tiramisu and Espresso under the glittering Rocco picture and find out, that this was handmade by his friend Christian Louboutin, we all of a sudden feel sexy in the city and will sure be back for another great night out. 

San Rocco Restaurant Berlin
Greifswalder Straße 227, D-10405 Berlin


Sodom und Gomorra Bar

Fanny Digital Diva Deluxe Sodom und Gomorra Bar Drinks Nightlife
Photos: Sodom und Gomorra Bar, Gregor Anthes

You should know what it means to name a bar Sodom und Gomorra: The fire will burn down everything. And this is what happened to this gorgeous bar more that a year ago. Now it is completely renovated and reopened again. To enter, you ring a bell in front of the entrance stand in the middle of an impressing and very cool library, where the team can read and meet with friends. The welcome from Ferhart Akbiyik is heartfelt, as always - you feel more like entering an extremely loving and elaborately renoed apartment than a bar. Inside we bump into owner Cem Erzincan and DJ Senay Gueler, who just partied his 40tiest birthday in here. Since none of the comfortable Chesterfield sofas is available anymore, we take a seat at the bar – along with my friends Stefan and Miha, who came from Cologne to Berlin, we are waiting for our neighbour Silke and her friend Thomas from Munic. Although we just wanted to take one drink, before we go to bed, we get trapped by the sexy and sinful athmosphere, the danceable live music and end up chatting and laughing while testing just some of the offered 1.001 drinks. Although we made it out early enough not to see the blue sky outside right after the Davinci ceiling inside, the party for sure went on for quite a while. Thanks for the great evening to all of you.

Sodom und Gomorra Bar
Torstraße 164, D-10115 Berlin-Mitte
Tue-Sat from 7pm on