Clärchens Ballhaus

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Photos: Clärchens Ballhaus

Seven years after our first Swing dance course, we started again this January at Clärchens Ballhaus. About time to recommend this great venue in our neighbourhood to you: The formerly ballroom was opened by Clara and Fritz Bühler as Bühler's Ballhaus on September the 13th 1913 in the rear building of Auguststraße 24-25. After Fritz Buehler's death 1929, Clara – who was called Clärchen by everybody and lived until 1971– led the dance hall on her own and since the mid-1930's her name was hanging above the old Bühlers Ballhaus sign outside. After a long and constantly changing history Christian Schulz and David Regehr took on the management in 2005, restoring it to its current popularity. The duo turned it back into a lively location for celebrating, dancing, eating, drinking, and falling in love – all of the things in life, that really matter. Today, the ballroom offers every day different dancing lessons – Swing is every Wednesday – but also hosts concerts and events and serves delicious German and Italian food. In summertimes they have a great beergarden in tje back- and frontyard. Especially on Friday and Saturday nights, the dance floor is packed with a sweaty cross-generation crowd: Old and young, east and west, pair and club dancers of all ages and nations are partying and singing along to Live and and DJs gigs until dawn. And everybody enters the dancefloor with a big smile – no matter what weather outside.

Clärchens Ballhaus, daily from 11 until the last guests leave.
Auguststraße 24, D-10117 Berlin-Mitte,

Yarok Syrian Food

Photos: Yarok

Yarok is a little deli in our neighborhood, and on days, when we want some fresh and quick but delicious comfort food, we always come here. You can get finest Syrian specialities from Damascus here – like hot chickpea soup with halloumi, giant mixplates – with meat or vegetarian – filled with hummus, falafel, various salads and fresh mint yoghurt sauce, or an just amazing just fruit salad with yoghurt and fresh grenadine carnels. To drink along we usally go for fresh mint oder ginger tea, pressed fruit juices or have some baklava coming along with a cardamon flavoured mocca. The interior is rather simple – bright wall colors meet with patterned wooden benches and tables – it's alwas crowded, filled with laughter and the food is prepared fast and friendly. And all our Arabic friend think, that the Yarok is one of the best Syrian restaurant that can be found in Berlin. Also we all like the message of their name: Yarok means Green in Hebrew, standing for the hope of the owners, that their guest from all over the world will live in peace and and nobody has to suffer from hunger anymore. Shahiya tayyeba!

Yarok, Torstraße 195, D-10119 Berlin
Opened daily 2pm–11pm