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It’s a chair. It’s a mat. It’s a hanger. And EVENaBAG

Fanny Zschau Digital Diva Deluxe Urban Apartments EvenABag
Photos (c) EVENaBAG


Are you looking for a Berlin bag that not only looks good but is also full of surprises? Then EVENaBAG –– created by our outdoor fan and friend Rocco Kruse –– is definitely the right choice for you. Rocco who works as an architect, artist and designer in Berlin, has not only to travel a lot for his job, but also loves to sit down at the river Spree or in a parc after work. He came to the idea when he was preparing himself for a week long tour through from New York to Los Angeles and started watching people and studyig the market for multifunctional bags. What he found was not satisfying and also he saw that he was not alone with his problem: So many people take a break in a parc or at a riverside – not only in Berlin but also in LA or NYC – the can't sit on their bags because of the the laptops inside, cant't relax their backs and get dirty or wet, if they sit down in their suits or skirts. So Rocco identyfied not only a market gap but started closing it right after his US trip. He brought home first drawings, prototyped samples with his collegues and tested plus perfetioned his multi talent in the following summer. Finally he started a small production with durable materials in a fair family production he met travelling two years later to Vietnam. We were able to test EVENaBAG the last Weeked ourselfes and were as excited as surprised by his clever design which is truly a chameleon, available in four colours. We fell for the blue brown one, which we used as bicycle bag, a padded camping seat with backrest, a fishing chair and a decent picnic mat – it is also designed as a hanging toileretry bag and serves very well as a cool diaper bag too, says Roccos sister. If you want to become part of the cool urban Berlin crowd or a looking for a cool prent to bring to your loved ones, get yourself EVENaBAG. We are convinced it is not only a great Berlin product for any mobile lifestyle but also an extremely useful surprise for trendsetters all over the world. 


Find more on www.evenabag.com



Every Splash is a Death

 Jan Scheirs Fanny Zschau Digital Diva Deluxe Urban Apartments
The Artist Jan Scheirs with the Editor in Chief Fanny Zschau (c) Bernd Althans

During a long gone afternoon, the Belgian artist Jan Scheirs watches another series of the famous nature-documentaries by Sir David Attenborough. Subject is observing the mini cosmos around an ordinary pond somewhere in the beautiful landscapes of England. It is a hot summer day; nothing seems to happen. Just a few dragonflies circle gracefully above the silent surface of the water. Suddenly a splash – a fish jumped out of the water and caught the insect. Attenborough comments with his typical voice: Every splash is a death. Every innocent sound within this calmness could be a deadly end for some living being. Jan Scheirs was deeply inspired by the power of this phrase. Now, many years later, his cabinet exhibition in the gallery Garten 114  – run by our friends Florian Filtzinger and Mayk Blattgerste –– is based on this quote. Jan invites his viewers to join him and his invetigations – his critical, sometimes fatalistic view – upon the evolution of global society. Does anyone still see the Big Fish underneath the surface – watching and observing us – ready to attack when time is right? For the artist it is a very personal exhibition – he started the shown works after a Thailand trip where he could not dive without seeing plastic backs and waste in the water – destroying our beautiful nature and killing not only the big fish. With these works Jan Scheirs wants to awaken our modern societey and will be glad to discuss his works with you during the artist Matinee Sunday from 12–2pm or on Monday night for the finissage. Enjoy your Gallery Weekend and just drop by for a drink to meet us at this small but great exhibition.

Every Splash is a Death, Garten 114, exhibition 19–29th of April 2019 
Meet us at the finissage 29th of April 7–10pm, Gartenstr. 114, D-10115 Berlin-Mitte
Or contact the curator Bernd Althans for a personal appointment althans@servicewerk.com


Gallery Weekend Berlin 2019

Digital Diva Deluxe Urban Apartments Fanny Zschau Gallery Weekend 2019
Flyer: Gallery Weekend Berlin

The Gallery Weekend Berlin is one of the leading events for contemporary art in Germany and attracts art fans and collectors from all over the world. For three days and nights more than 50 galleries throughout Berlin open their doors. Here you can discover art in gallery spaces, explore a diversity of archirectures and gain insight into the contexts of art production––while talking to the artistst, their gallerstst, friends and collectorsAside well known galleries many new and experimental working galleries participate on the event. The presented artists are well selected, all focusing on contemporary art. On the Gallery Weekend regularly about 25.000 visitors from all over the world come to Berlin to expierence the capital's creative scene. Started in 2004 as a private initative of Berlin galleries, the event has established as an event of international relevance 15 years after. If you are in town, you better make sure not to miss this.

Gallery Weekend Berlin, 26–28 of April 2019. Various locations throughout Berlin

Stylish Sophisticated Apartment with Garden Terrace in Mitte

#DigitalDivaDeluxe #UrbanApartments #Apartment467
Photo: Urban Apartments

This comfortable ground floor apartment with garden an terrace has been newly renovated including a new built kitchen with modern appliances. The spacious living room has a large L-shaped leather sofa and a dining table which can set up to four persons. Flatscreen, Sonos Speakers and High Speed Internet ar eavailable. The bedroom features a king size bed and dark curtains for a peaceful sleep. The big cupborad offers lots of storage for your wardrobe and belongings. The brand new kitchen includes a dishwasher, stive and oven, fridge and freezer as well as a Nespresso machine. The terrace can be entered directly from the kitchen and opens th eview into a smal garden. The generous bathoroom offer sa bath tub as well as a seperate shower. Also there is a brand new AEG washing machine including dryer for your cenvenience. Welcome at your new Berlin home.


Fisherman's Restaurant

fanny Zschau Digital Diva Deluxe Fisherman's Restaurant
Photos: Fisherman's Restaurant

With its large sun terrace the Fisherman's Restaurant has a fantastic view on Lake Tegel. Berlin's only pier for river cruise ships is very close by and it is only a five-minute walk to Alt-Tegel, the historic center in the north of Berlin. In this idyllic environment Sören Engelmann and his team receive their guests. Engelmann, who grew up with fresh fish Greifswald,  offers here since 2006 a refreshingly modern, youthful fish cuisine. One that unmistakably combines German traditions with the influences of the Mediterranean region. This creates completely new, often surprising and sometimes extremely sophisticated compositions. For example, a tuna carpaccio with roasted potatoe salad and baked plums an almost pink grilled tuna steak with Barolo honey jus or giant lemon prawns roasted in lemon oil with raw sugar and tequila flambé.

Fisherman's Restaurant, Eisenhammerweg 20, D-13507 Berlin
Opened daily from 12am–10pm in summertime and till 9pm in winter.


Fanny Zschau Digital Diva Deluxe Pandagarten
Photo: Pandagarten

If you are looking for nice Asian Restaurants in Pankow it is still pretty difficult – but this little place close to U- and S-Bahnhof Pankow is for sure a highlight. The cozy Asia lounge offers various teas, juices and Lassis, exotic noodle soups and salads and last not leas one of the bste Sushi plates in town. Owner Hau is always happy to prepare classic and fresh Southeast Asian cuisine for his guests, and offers daily changing creative variations according to the season. He attaches great importance to your individual wishes and you can always tell him which ingredients or what degree of sharpness you want in your food and what not. Don't forget to check out the Yellow Panda with fresh Mango and to reserve a table especially during noon and dinner times.

Pandagarten, Berliner Straße 8, 13187 Berlin-Pankow
Mon– Sat 12am–10pm